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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1099-misc filing deadline 2022

Instructions and Help about 1099-misc filing deadline 2022

So we're gonna talk a little more as to how a lot of this filing works now we had said electronically that 1096 and what the 10 986 is because we haven't covered that just yet it's kind of let's say like a cover page would be the best way I can describe where the 1096 no matter what type of a 1099 you're sending is gonna give totals so at ten ninety six electronically normally again we can have all the way till March 31st unless you have that again 1099 miscellaneous box seven or w-2s then we have to even electronically do by January 31st so you'll see that is kind of their main push because those are the two most common types of way of information reporting you can use a fire system that means filing information returns electronically kind of a creative way to make it sound sound cool I think by calling it the fire system but if you want to file electronically information returns and you're not using let's say some sort of a software that does that for you it's already set up you can electronically file directly with IRS and you can check that out at the fire IRS gov now it's not just that you just click on the site and you're in and you start filing your forms you do have to like with anything you have to set it up ahead of time so right right when you get close to the end of the year is not the time to do this when your earlier in the year it definitely is the time to do that so just look at your your timing I'm just gonna give you kind of lowdown on how that works but if you want to check out IRS pub 1220 gives you all the requirements all the procedures kind of some of the even more detailed information than we're covering right here but what they're really this like if we look at trending we see the push with more information reporting they're also moving and pushing to require electronic filing for nearly all of their returns so quantity of returns I actually had one of my my businesses breach this level they just had so many different contractors they were working with working on a big job and they're going well how do we do this well they had more than 250 information returns they were required to file electronically we're gonna see probably in the future my my suspicion would be that it we're gonna see that threshold keep decreasing to where they want to try to again encourage more electronic filing they'll probably move that down to force more electronic filing the problem is if you are supposed to electronically file let's say you have more than 250 information returns and you don't electronically file the penalty is going to be assessed per return so let's say you had 300.

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